Big Nick and the Cydecos - Glowbugs Radio Hide-And-Seek

KC9KEP's ARRL 1941 7-Tube Superheterodyne Homebrew Radio Today I decided to become (at very last) a real blogger and to invite some celebrities as a trendy stuff. But as it turned out, neither Madonna nor Britney Spears did not make the tube radios, Arnold Schwarzenegger is possible and would do, but too busy at work, and Michael Jackson .. Okay, let's not about sad - the result of my quest was a brilliant success:
Big Nick & the Cydecos Offical Cajun Zydeco Homepage

Here, you'll find Big Nick's tour dates, bios, music .. and a new feature .. Online button Box Accordion lessons.
Big Nick & the Cydecos write and perform "Cydeco" (similar to, but not the same as "Zydeco") music. The genre is a development from the cross cultural mixing of Louisiana's Zydeco and Cajun music, with the Midwest's R&B feeling. Still confused?..

HAM-Radio Links on Big Nick's Page It was a quote, but I'll ask again: "Still confused?" Yes? Don't worry, it is not so easy to find the hidden HAM-Radio Glowbugs content in this great (because I love cajun music) place, but let me demonstrate three tiny fainting links at the left bottom corner of this page:
Chose anyone and enter the world of amazing Big Nick's Glowing Homemade Radios!

Quote and some photos:

Hello, and welcome to my homebrew radio pages!

A little history is in order .. Some of my earliest memories are of tinkering with electronics:
#6 ignition batteries, door bells, electromagnets, Mr. Wizard, Boy Scout manuals, pinball machine parts, anything that did something when power was applied :-)
But one of the coolest projects ever was that of making my own radios, winding coils, shellacing wood orange-crate board bases, etc.
Now that I've taken a break from my recent musical endeavors, I've returned to some of these cherished projects.
These pages show some of my recent construction projects.
Hope you find them interesting and informative!

KC9KEP's 1957 ARRL Novice 80, 40, 15m Rock Bound Transmitter
1957 ARRL Novice 80, 40, 15m Rock Bound Transmitter

KC9KEP's 1941 ARRL 2-Tube Superheterodyne Receiver
1941 ARRL 2-Tube Superheterodyne Receiver

And once again: Visit Big Nick & the Cydecos Offical Cajun Zydeco Homepage!
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TK_M said...

As a child, I used to watch my Grandfather make radios and some equipment like this.

I did not realise what an effect that had on me until looking at your site this morning. The urge to make valve-powered equipment just for pure unalloyed pleasure is overwhelming.

I don't know how weird I am, but for me the electronics side is not so interesting - Having been an electronics consultant for some time, I fear I'm burnt out. The real pleasure for me these days are the front panels. Designing one to show as much useful information as possible, while being perfectly in keeping with designs of the 1920s and 30s is the real fun for me. Designing the layout to look good, but with an undeniable logical progression that the eye will seem to follow almost automatically is the challenge. The layout should be so logical, that you "know" where everything will be on the front panel automatically, as it will just feel natural. The BBC in the UK were always particularly good at that.

Thank you for the inspiration!

Andy Nechaevsky UR3WA said...

Yes, I can understand this standpoint - all those Glowbugs radios are not functional communicating devices or physical apparatus for me, but aesthetic or even magical objects. Yet another postindustrial shamanism :)