Radio Girl

Radio GirlOccasionally found this Radio Girl album browsing the web, I knew that it is slightly offtopic here in this blog, but I have to post it anyway. It is soft acoustic rock music by Nick Wilkinson, naive young guitar dancing around the vintage radio set, maybe too sappy, but it is exactly as I like. And look at cover art - how could I resist, who can resist at all? Listen to the Radio Girl!

<a href="">Radio Girl by Nick Wilkinson</a>

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Nick said...

Hey Nick Wilkinson here! Just wanted to say thanks for finding my music and liking it too! If you could contact me at that'd be great.

G. Johanson, Printer said...

Hey, Andy! I saw your posting of Nick's song and it reminded me of a little ditty I recorded some eleven years ago, called "Radio Head". I posted it to my Blog, you might get a kick out of it.

Tnx es vy 73!

G. Johanson, Printer

Andy Nechaevsky UR3WA said...

Hey, Gary!

Your "Radio Head" is my favorite song ever, for long time. I've posted it here already, but you're right - I have to post it here as well.

Dit. Dit.